1 – 5 JULY 2020



The Organizer: the Youth Palace in Nowy Sacz,

The Artistic Director of the Festival: Milenia Małecka-Rogal, Director of the Youth Palace.

The Festival enjoys the patronage of Mr Ludomir Handzel  President of Nowy Sącz.

 Competition rules

  1. The Festival is open to amateur solo vocalists at the age 5 – 16 born between 1.01.2004 and 31.12.2015.
  2. After the preliminary auditions, the Jury will select 15 vocalists in the following age groups:
Category: Age:
primary 5 – 8     (born between 1.01.2012 and 31.12. 2015)
elementary 9 – 11  (born between 1.01.2009 and 31.12. 2011)
intermediate 12 – 13 (born between 1.01.2007 and 31.12. 2008)
senior 14-16   (born between 1.01.2004 and 31.12. 2006)

The Festival is also open to groups (between 2 and 5 members) in two age categories:

  • 5 – 10 (born between 01.2010 – 31.12. 2015)
  • 11 – 16 (born between 01.2004 – 31.12. 2009)
  1. During the final competition auditions (July 1 – 2, 2020) each entrant will be asked to perform two songs, one in English, and the other one in their mother tongue. One of the songs must be performed without backing tracks (acappella).
  2. Entrants ought to fill in an entry form in English (to download click here ) and send the recorded songs. The entry form should contain the title of the song, the name of its songwriter and composer. It should also contain all the details concerning the entrant, e.g. name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address. The songs should be recorded on a CD audio or an MP 3 file. All entries are due by 31 May, 2020. Mail entries to (in case of an MP 3 file) or Wydawnictwo Promyczek, Plac Kolegiacki 4, 33-300 Nowy Sącz, Poland (in case of a CD).
  3. Entrants must carefully check audio files before sending them. It is their responsibility to check that submitted recordings and files are playing correctly. If faulty non playing recordings are submitted, the entry will be marked void by the judges.
  4. It is the entrants responsibility to provide correct contact details when entering the contest. Emails will be sent to the contact email address supplied on entry.
  5. At the Festival entrants will be singing to background music they ought to bring with them (recorded on a memory stick and a CD).
  6. The final competition auditions will be held on two days: July 1-2, 2020. They will start at 10 a.m. at Aleje Wolności 23, Nowy Sącz, Poland.
  7. The Organizer will provide professional acoustic system and equipment reproducing sounds.
  8. The Jury will select the winners. The judging committee consists of high-profile music professionals. Songs are judged equally on quality of performance, vocals, melody, composition and originality.
  9. The winners will be announced on July 5, during the prize-winner concert. They will be asked to sing the song they have performed at the auditions.
  10. Entry constitutes permission to use entrant’s name, likeness, and voice for future advertising and publicity purposes.
  11. By entering the competition, entrants and their parents or legal guardians agree to accept and be bound by the decisions of the Organizer and their judges which are final and binding in all matters.
  12. Entrants will pay travel-related costs if they choose to attend the Festival. Food and accommodation, and all the trips will be provided by the Organizer.
  13. The program of the Festival will be sent to the entrants on June 7, 2020.


  1. The winners will receive recognition via local media, awards and certificates signed by the Jury and Director of the Youth Palace.
  2. All finalists will take part in the prize-winner concert broadcast by National Television (TVP KRAKÓW and TVP ABC).
  3. The GRAND PRIX winner will be invited to take part in Eurofestival (the Organizer will pay the regular entry fee and their stay in Italy; about 300 Euros). The winners in all categories will be nominated to Eurofestival (the Organizer will pay the regular entry fee; about 60 Euros)

If you are interested in any previous editions of the “Skylark” Festival, the materials are available on YOUTUBE (just write: Skowroneczek 2012, Skowroneczek 2019, etc.).

Please send all questions regarding the Festival to its coordinator, Lucyna Urbańska at: , tel. + 48 (18) 784-534-547 (for foreign entrants only).